Welcoming Martin Hall as Our CEO: Paving the Way for Strategic Growth and Cultural Evolution

Welcoming Martin Hall as Our CEO

Atla Group, a financial services firm based in the Isle of Man, is proud to announce the appointment of Martin Hall as its Group CEO. Martin has been a director within the group for several years. He has played a pivotal role in steering the company’s strategic growth and fostering its culture and values.

The second half of 2023 was a transformative period for Atla Group, with a renewed focus on strategy and culture as key drivers for future success. The company’s leadership express their heartfelt thanks to the entire Atla Group team for their valuable input during this time.

Martin’s appointment as Group CEO is a significant step forward for Atla Group as they continue to develop their corporate and governance structure. Martin will transition into this role, with active support from the Atla team and stakeholders.

Regarding his appointment, Martin said “It has been a period of growth for the business, and it is a trajectory we wish to continue in a prudent, controlled and risk managed way. Continuing to challenge and improve ourselves, the business, how we structure and operate is imperative to provide a scalable world class business, which is the goal of all our team. The delivery of our strategy will take teamwork from all 100 of us in the Atla Group team.

As part of Atla Group’s commitment to “embracing the new,” the company will make some significant strides within its organisational structure, starting with the appointment of a Chief Operations Officer (COO), who will be announced shortly”

Atla Group looks forward to a prosperous and rewarding 2024, with Martin Hall as the new CEO, alongside a united team dedicated to driving strategic growth, upholding the company’s core values, and nurturing its evolving culture.

About Atla Group:

Atla Group, a prominent financial services firm based in the Isle of Man with a history which spans over 70 years in the finance service industry. Today, the firm boasts a dynamic team of over 100 professionals, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. This diverse team is the cornerstone of Atla Group’s ability to offer a wide range of services, including Accountancy & Bookkeeping, Audit & Assurance, Advisory, Business Brokerage, Fiduciary Services, and Retirement Solutions.

With three Isle of Man based offices, Atla Group’s journey from a modest beginning to its current position is a testament to its dedication to quality and client satisfaction. As the firm looks to the future, it remains steadfast in its mission to deliver exceptional services, guided by its core values.

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