Atla Group Sponsor Local Netball Teams

As part of our 2022 support initiatives, Atla Group are supporting local rising talent including the support of two local netball teams.

The first team are the Atla Group Pumas, pictured below, who recently rose to success placing second in the Premier League.

The following is a recent match :-

“Atla Group Pumas v Suntera Balla A

Atla Group Pumas started on the front foot and took the lead with three early goals without reply. Balla A soon found their rhythm though with the first quarter finishing 10-7 to Pumas.

The second quarter saw an increase in mid-court pace and shots were firing in from both sides. Pumas front line duo, Hazel Bailey (GA) and Ashleigh Shimmin (GS) were fabulous to watch as well as Balla’s experienced pairing of Katie Williams (GA) and Kate Tebay(GS). The second quarter saw Pumas increase their lead to 19-14.

Balla A brought their game in the third quarter, increasing their pace and aggression through the defensive  interceptions by Ella Carridge (GD) and Zoe Kirkham, (GK) resulting in a tie for this quarter 26-21 to Pumas.

The final quarter was tense for both players and supporters! Mid-court players battled hard on both sides. Jane Ryder (C) and Claire Barks (WA) worked skilfully to feed the ball into the Balla shooters, while Zoe Shimmin-Mann and Breeshey Harkin defended tirelessly to keep the score down to maintain the Pumas lead.  Increased defensive pressure from Alta Group Centre Ellie Looney also disrupted the normally slick Balla A centre passes.

The game ended 33-30 to Atla Group Pumas, Ashleigh Shimmin (GS) deservedly named as player of the match.”

The second team we are proud to sponsor is Atla Group Panthers, pictured below, who have rebuilt their team after retirement of 4 players last season – the ladies have scored the most goals so far this season, which is very impressive!

Presently placed fourth in the table with 12 points, a mere 4 points behind the table leader, the following is a recent match report:

“Atla Group Panthers,35 v Ramsey Scarlets,18

POTM Jess Edmonds from Atla Group Panthers

Panthers continued to gain momentum in the second quarter, converting the first four centre passes into goals. A change in mid-court saw Becky Bateson Lewis (WA) prove to be a strong match against Scarlets fast paced Winnie Davies (WD) with both making some excellent passing in the centre third throughout the match. Great attacking from both teams and some brilliant interceptions mid-court, but Jess Edmonds (GK) showed off her great defensive skills, limiting Scarlets goal count to just 5, whilst Atla scored a further 9 goals, ending the 2nd quarter 18-9 to Panthers.

Following the half time break, Scarlets made their only change for the match, with Rachel Andrews (GK) switching on for the second half. Scarlets Matilde Jackson (C) & Abigail Harvey (WA) continued to make great movement both in the centre third & outside of the attacking D, enabling their shooters to convert a total of 4 goals in the 3rd quarter, but the defensive changes for the Panther’s also proved successful with a number of quality turnovers from Kirsten Mcintosh (C), Saffy Cregeen (GD) & Rachael Webb (WD), resulting in the gap between the two sides increasing by 16,  and the score line finishing 28 – 12 by the end of the 3rd quarter.

The 4th & final quarter saw the return of Panther’s Hannah Jackson to WD, and both sides fighting for every ball. Shooting by now was very consistent on both ends, but despite Scarlets Rachel Andrews (GK) making life difficult in the D, Panther’s shooters barely missed an opportunity to find the net. Scarlets Elly-Jane Crellin (GA) made some great shots and their goal count increased by 6, which was enough to secure a point from the match with the score line finishing 35 – 18 to Panthers.

Overall, a great game to watch, with both sides playing some really great netball. Jess Edmonds took home a very well-deserved player of the match.”

We look forward to catching up with both teams later in the year when they will have reached the half-way mark through the season and will be eager to place at the top!

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