Atla Group shifts into high gear as a sponsor of Conor Cummins

Atla Group shifts into high gear as a sponsor of the Isle of Man’s fastest road racer Conor Cummins in the 2024 TT Races.

The Atla Group is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of Conor Cummins, the Isle of Man’s fastest road racer, in the upcoming 2024 Isle of Man TT Races. Conor, a beloved local figure with a deep passion for motorsport and the Isle of Man, embodies the spirit and determination that the Atla Group values.

The number 11 rider has an impressive track record in the TT races. In his past 15 Isle of Man TT competitions, he has secured 12 podium finishes, a testament to his exceptional skill and dedication. In 2019, Conor made history by setting the record as the fastest Manxman, reaching an astounding speed of 132 miles per hour. His journey into racing was inspired by his father, Billy, and his love for the sport and the Island has only grown since.

Apart from his racing achievements, Conor is also the founder of Coffee Mann, a local coffee business that has gained popularity across the island. Atla Group proudly serves Coffee Mann in all three of its offices, reflecting a shared commitment to supporting local businesses.

“We are incredibly proud and excited to be sponsoring Conor Cummins in this year’s Isle of Man TT races,” said Martin Hall, CEO of Atla Group. “Conor’s ethos, passion, and commitment to his trade perfectly align with our values at Atla. By sponsoring a local hero like Conor, we are reaffirming our ongoing commitment to the Isle of Man community and its sporting events. Aligning our brand with the world-famous TT races and Conor Cummins showcases our pride in being a Manx company and our dedication to promoting the Island.”

Conor Cummins expressed his excitement about the sponsorship:

“I’m feeling great going into this year’s races and it’s fantastic to have the support of Atla Group. Their backing not only helps me as a racer but also highlights the importance of community and local businesses working together.”

As Atla Group continues to grow and attract potential clients, our association with the Isle of Man TT races and a remarkable racer like Conor Cummins highlights our deep-rooted connection to the Isle of Man. We look forward to an exciting 2024 TT and wish Conor the best of luck in his pursuit of victory.


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