Atla’s large local presence and senior-led services lend themselves naturally to good local corporate advisory support.

Our team is always ready to meet local business owners who perhaps do not need a formal advisory engagement to achieve their goals and prefer fewer formal arrangements.

Our team can provide regular support and personal understanding for business leaders in achieving their business aims and provide them with breathing space to take more time for themselves.


Our Advisory Consulting services support businesses in various situations, from companies experiencing underperformance to successful companies looking to further optimise and grow.

For organisations experiencing under-performance or financial pressure, we can be as involved as you need, analysing both quantitative and qualitative factors to pinpoint the root causes of issues and offer pragmatic, time-sensitive solutions and implementation plans.

We can recommend optimisation, strategic delivery and operational efficiency improvements for those already performing well with their sights set on bigger goals, providing them with cutting edge ideas, target operating models and data analytics solutions.


Both small and large firms are challenged daily with a wide-ranging set of demands from the Company’s stakeholders and Government.

At Atla, we thrive on assessing demands and producing viable options and communications. Our experience enables us to assess vulnerabilities and threats to the Company for the Board whilst producing proportionate responses so the Board can react promptly.

Dealing with shareholder communications, contested meetings and/or better engagement with an investor is part of the package we aim to help the Board deliver. Let us provide the heavy lifting whilst the Board decides the strategy.


At Atla, we can advise large groups to privately owned businesses and entrepreneurs to investors on acquiring and selling businesses.

Our teams have experience across a range of sectors and deal sizes.

We can provide you with support and expert advice throughout the M&A process and with related strategic matters ranging from the sale of your business, fundraising, buy-outs and acquisition and external growth.

The delivery of an acquisition or merger strategy can be complicated, resource-intensive and time-consuming, even if you have M&A teams within your business.

At Atla, we assist you at every stage of the acquisition process, including:

  • Designing an acquisition strategy and producing a scorecard to assess targets
  • Screening the market to identify targets
  • Approaching targets smoothly in location and initiating a conversation
  • Initial analysis of information provided
  • Pricing analysis and assessment of potential synergies
  • Preparing and negotiating offers to targets
  • Project management of your acquisition through to completion, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities.
  • Liaising with other advisors such as due diligence providers, legal advisors and sellers


Atla Advisory is keen to help its clients at all levels, providing independent and objective valuation services to minority interest holders and shareholder dispute situations through specialist SPA agreements.

We help our clients fulfil their needs using our wide range of financial, accounting and tax expertise to keep valuation issues on track and transparent, and allow informed decision making and/or deal making to progress with ease.

We aim to provide clarity to our clients, purchasers and vendors alike so that they can satisfy regulatory requirements and make confident internal decisions, thereby maximising value and minimising risk.


Atla restructuring and insolvency practitioners combine expertise to provide support and assistance to all types of businesses, delivering simplification step plans, pre and post SPA step plans including general SPA advisory to ensure a smooth transaction arises.

We assist clients by tailoring transparent and efficient advice and negotiations relating to restructuring a business, debt restructuring or formal insolvency, acting as a link between key stakeholders.

The objective is to maximise the possibilities for ongoing business operations, both in part or as a whole.


Insolvency is not the end. The earlier we are involved, the better the likely solution. Even if insolvency arises, options are still available if the open-minded Board are prepared to act boldly.

With our deep experience in contentious insolvency matters, we can help steer the Board and navigate the pitfalls, providing certainty and clear decision-making in uncertain times. Our focus is to help the Company and its stakeholders understand the risks and outcomes of continuing on a particular path while providing alternative options and solutions.

We can provide and implement viable turnaround plans to steer Companies away from more formal restructuring procedures.


Our approach to forensic services is both pragmatic and specialist. Atla’s forensic and dispute advisory team includes lead practitioners in dispute resolution, valuations, SPA advisory professional negligence, fraud and regulatory investigations, financial crime and anti-corruption.

We focus the user’s attention on the chronology of events, cast list and potential transactions of concern whilst providing relevant parties with substantive evidence for our conclusions and observations.

We are aware of our duties to be fair, open and transparent as potential expert witnesses to the Courts and the need for our findings to be digestible to the Court and its participants.


Our team includes qualified insolvency professionals resident on the Island able to provide support and appointment taking.

With our local expertise, we can bring modern restructuring solutions to the Isle of Man using existing legislation with Isle of Man Court support.

We can take all forms of appointments from:

  • Members Voluntary liquidation;
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation;
  • Court Supervised Voluntary Liquidation;
  • Special manager Roles;
  • Court-appointed Provisional Liquidator;
  • Deemed Official receiver;
  • Court Appointed Liquidator;
  • Trustee in Bankruptcy;



We are well versed in the need for the secured charge holder to protect their potential assets versus the possibility of a compromise settlement, looking for the most efficient pathway to extract value fairly and effectively.

Given our team’s specialist and practical knowledge of Receivership and other formal insolvency appointments, we can quickly react and become appointment takers, insure the property and take immediate steps to protect the charge holder’s asset. Alternatively, we can provide pre-appointment advice and look holistically at the issue at play to identify a pathway that might well avoid the need for costly, fixed-charge appointments.


We have extensive experience in dealing with corporate and personal estates, securing and liquidating assets, balancing the needs of stakeholder’s rights and classes on equitable and pari pasu.

Our forensic skills help us uncover assets that could be lost to the estate and provide us with the ability to secure and realise these assets as needed. We are also comfortable steering contentious situations to resolution with pragmatic, positive steps.

We regularly deal with intestate estates and disputes and have been appointed by the Court, such as Administrator Pendente Lite.

Associations and Networks

Atla Advisory Limited is a limited company registered in the Isle of Man with registered number 085079C. The registered office of Atla Advisory Limited is Burleigh Manor, Peel Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5EP. Directors: M.A. Tucker ACA, JIEB, L.D. Smith FCA, B.D Bielich CA (SA), FCA. This company forms part of the Atla Group.


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