Our commitment to Environment, Sustainability and Governance (“ESG”)

2021 marked the launch of Atla Group, a solution based financial services business that is a collaboration of firms with a collective 130 years of heritage. With core values of clarity and simplicity, integrity, empowerment and development Atla wishes to be a leader in reflecting and implementing an environment, sustainability and governance standard that makes its team and the community proud.

We are therefore pleased to provide a preview of a few of our ESG initiatives planned for 2022.

We have collaborated with an Island based project, Recyclecollect.im, to provide support to its initiative to promote, develop and arrange recycling on the Island. Due to our shared values being rooted in sustainability and ethical responsibility we are very proud to be supporting their business.

Website – https://recyclecollect.im/

Atla also wished to assist globally and are pleased to support Eyesea. They are a non-profit organisation who have created technology to collect and track global maritime pollution data via its Android and Apple apps. This valuable data will assist tracking pollution, the sources and movement of pollution which will assist with targeted approaches to clean up our oceans. For more information on Eyesea visit:

Website – https://eyesea.org/

Atla Group is also supporting the local community in a number of other ways including sponsorship of local sports teams and sports persons. As well as several local charities.

More detailed information on our collaborations and ESG work will be released in 2022.

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