Atla Solutions

Atla Group is headquartered in the Isle of Man and has five key financial service lines.  Atla has grown through the collaboration of over 130 years of financial services experience.  These services include a traditional fiduciary business offering bespoke structuring to protect and enhance clients wealth. The structuring opportunities we offer include family Trust and Foundation arrangements which provide succession and preservation of wealth opportunities through asset protection and risk management. In addition to Isle of Man company arrangements, which include protected cell companies, that will be utilised for a range of matters from holding high value assets, ring fence wealth and investments, holding shares or interests in overseas situs assets and trade.

We have experience in a number of different industries from property investment, trading companies through to high tech companies. Using our business experience, we have assisted in setting up and managing effective structures for international businesses from all parts of the world.

With international mobility for businesses and employees on the increase trading companies continue to expand into jurisdictions outside of their initial presence and an Isle of Man company can be utilised as a holding company or trading company providing a tax neutral environment for the owners.

Atla also provide financial solutions for retirement and saving solutions. The Isle of Man has flexible pension legislation that allows favourable deductions for Isle of Man residents seeking allowable pension deductions, in addition the island has international pension regulations which permits the establishment of Isle of Man based scheme(s) for both individual and corporates internationally. The Isle of Man is a tax neutral environment allowing the creation and protection of wealth with very flexible access requirements. Clients will utilise savings and pension structures to ensure the protection and enhancement of wealth outside of their home jurisdiction. These work specifically favourable for South African nexus individuals.

The international pension regulations provide for the availability of corporate schemes. These solutions are often utilised by multi-national companies seeking a central tax neutral hub for their retirement solution, to NGO with employees in multiple jurisdictions, to medium size businesses in jurisdictions that are high risk, or have limited or no pension framework.  These offerings can form part of a framework for staff retention and employee benefits packages for key staff.

To complement the above services Atla also offers audit, accounting and advisory services to ensure a complete financial bespoke toolkit to support its clients.


Atla and Our Team 

In Norse mythology, Atla is the goddess of water, and the name has been historically used to describe the characteristics of the sea and the symbolism of water, which has universal undertones of purity and cleanness. On an Island where the sea and water dominate many parts of our lives, we strive to bring the characteristics of water – namely clarity and simplicity – to our clients’ personal and professional lives.

Our focus has always been on moving and adapting with our clients and the environments in which they do business. It’s what keeps us growing.

Whether training our team to become experts in their field to having events to bring together like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, by staying close, we’ve been able to give our services context in a world that’s constantly changing.

Whatever happens, we’re here to support you.

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